Earthcube Connections

Connections for people and resources from the EarthCube Cross-Domain Interoperability Project

Member Resources

Requires Silverlight 5. In order to edit in the Safari web browser (aka Mac), you will need to disable pop-up blocking in the security settings

Click HELP in the application to see an FAQ.

Experimental HTML5 interfaces for Member Connections:

Earthcube Surveys

Requires Silverlight 5.

This online tool offers a new visual metaphor for survey data analysis. Unlike many other survey analysis applications that present summary numbers, coefficients and charts, this tool helps you visualize an entire set of respondents and explore how they are grouped based on answers to survey questions. Using this application, you can:

Experimental survey analysis interfaces that use HTML5 and don't require Silverlight plugin:

Updated: December 2013 version (1544 respondents)

Pivot Views of Inventory and Community Resources

Resource Catalog

ResourceViewer Requires Silverlight 5. The Resource Viewer utilizes a Dataservices Odata endpoint. Read more here Resource Odata

Workshop Catalog

This is catalog of resources from the Earthcube workshops
Workshop Requires Silverlight 5.

Collaboration and Cyberinfrastructure for Paleogeosciences (C4P) Community Resources Catalog

c4pviewer Requires Silverlight 5.

Sediment Experimentalist Network (SEN) Community Resources Catalog

SENviewer Requires Silverlight 5.

Sandbox Community Resources Catalog

rcndemoviewer Requires Silverlight 5.