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The C4P project establishes and operates the EarthCube Research Coordination Network (RCN) “Collaboration and Cyberinfrastructure for Paleogeosciences” to advance the role of cyberinfrastructure in unraveling the large-scale, long-term evolution of the Earth-Life system through the study of the geological record.

This RCN intends to foster collaboration among paleogeoscientists, paleobiologists, geo- and bioinformaticists, stratigraphers, geochronologists, geographers, data scientists, and computer scientists with an aim to dramatically improve the application of modern data management approaches, data mining technologies, and computational methods to analyze and mine data within the paleogeosciences and other domains and disciplines.


One of the primary challenges is to build new partnerships between domain scientists and cyber- and computer scientists that are essential for the development of useful, meaningful, and sustainable CI resources that will be adopted and embraced by the users and that can be maintained and evolve as part of a long-term infrastructure.


C4P is engaging a diverse community by facilitating communication and interaction between domain scientists and cyber/computer scientists through webinars, workshops, and web-enabled networking, and creating a descriptive catalog of existing CI resources that was initiated at the EarthCube Paleogeoscience End-User workshop and integrating it with evolving EarthCube inventories like CINERGI.


C4P’s highest priority is to achieve broad network participation with inclusion of early-career through more senior members who can represent the paleogeosciences, computer sciences and bioinformatics communities. C4P conducts and participates in outreach events such as symposia, town hall meetings, and forums at major conferences (for example: GSA, AGU, ESIP), and coordinates with other CI developments by inviting active members of other RCNs and EarthCube projects to present at C4P webinars and participate in C4P workshops.

2014 Webinar participants included: CINERGI, NeotomaDB, Geosamples and IGSN, Encyclopedia of Life, PaleoPortal, Scientific Drilling Cyberinfrastructure, Paleobiology Database, iDigBio, GeoDeepDive, Specify Software, Lifemapper Computational Platform, NOW database, dbSEABED, GPlates, iSamples, and more.


Benefits to the broader geoscience community – next steps

The C4P RCN focuses on the development and deployment of standards for aggregation and dissemination of paleogeoscience data, with the goal of facilitating research focused on Earth-Life history. Increasing accessibility to “dark data” and hidden data and specimen collections are important goals of this proposed project. All activities of the RCN aim to facilitate community interaction across disciplines and to allow for broader participation amongst all participants.


C4P Webinars


A workshop on Biomarker Sample and Data Management was held on February 14-16, 2018 in Palisades, New York.

The C4P Paleodata Community Development Event (C4P-CDE) was held on June 21-22, 2016 in Boulder, Colorado.

The C4P Synthesis Workshop was held on May 13-15, 2015 in Palisades, New York.

A workshop on Computing with Time was held on October 7-9, 2014 in Boulder, Colorado.

The C4P Paleobiology Workshop was held on May 21-23 2014 in Washington, D.C..


Other Events
C4P co-sponsored the UW-Madison Cart Lab Challenge in Feb. 2016.

Steering Committee