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The Internet of Samples in the Earth Sciences (iSamples)

The iSamples RCN seeks to advance the use of innovative cyberinfrastructure to connect physical samples and sample collections across the Earth Sciences with digital data infrastructures to revolutionize their utility for science. The ultimate goal of this RCN is to dramatically improve the discovery, access, sharing, analysis, and curation of physical samples and the data generated by their study for the benefit of science and society.

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  • Undergraduate projects fuel access to scientific collections: check out this news item about how MARS, an application inspired by the iSamples RCN, streamlines the registration and documentation of scientific samples.
  • iSamples Engagement & Training Working Group is developing Sample Management Training Modules that can be used to train young scientists in physical sample collection, documentation, and management. View existing modules or create your own here.
  • Keep Your Data Alive!: Graduate student Hannah Brame reminds us that data and samples can take on a life of their own and, thus, be useful to a global community of scientists now and in the future IF they are properly documented and curated.
  • The International Data Rescue Award in the Geosciences was recently given out to a team or people working to rescue irreplaceable snow and ice data including historical photographs that document the extent of glacier mass change over the last 150 years. Read more about the award and the project, "Revealing Our Melting Past: Rescuing Historical Snow and Ice Data," here.

iSamples Events

  • The iSamples RCN hosted a breakout session entitled "Standards and Best practices for Samples and Sample-based Data" at the 2019 EarthCube All-Hands Meeting in Denver, CO.  Presentations and notes from the session can be found here.
  • An iSamples Early Career Sample Management Workshop was held at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California.
  • The iSamples Research Coordination Network, the CRESCYNT Coral Reef Science and Cyberinfrastructure Network, and the SeaView Integrative Activity jointly hosted a lunch-time forum on physical samples in the ocean sciences on Feb 22nd, 2016 at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • iSamples Workshop II: Science, Samples, and Cyberinfrastructure took place Jan 25-27th, 2016 at the Renaissance Computing Institute (Chapel Hill, NC). See photos and comments at #iSamples. The workshop focused on analyzing the outcomes of the four iSamples working groups and synthesizing them into an actionable plan for implementation. Outcomes of the workshop are being summarized at the moment and will be made available on the iSamples web site. To learn more about the iSamples Research Coordination Network, please click here
  • iSamples and the Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA) co-sponsored the IGSN Metadata Kernel Workshop on Sept. 14-15th, 2015. The meeting was an effort hosted by the International Geo Sample Implementation Organization (IGSN e.V.) to revise the IGSN architecture and expand the Metadata Kernel. The first published version of the schema is available online at and will be reviewed during the next IGSN e.V. General Assembly at AGU.
  • An Early Career Forum was hosted jointly by iSamples and the C4P RCN at the 2015 fall GSA meeting in Baltimore, MD.
  • The iSamples RCN hosted a breakout session entitled "The iSamples RCN Survey & Working Group Activities: How Can We Maximize Impact for EarthCube?" at the 2015 EarthCube All-Hands Meeting in Arlington, VA.
  • The iSamples Stakeholder Alignment Workshop was held Jan. 28-30th, 2015 at UT Austin.
  • An Early Career Forum was hosted jointly by iSamples and the C4P RCN at the 2014 fall AGU meeting in San Francisco, CA.