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This Team Merged with The Science & Engagement Team (June 2020)


Map of the EarthCube Landscape

A story map designed by team member Dawn Wright depicts the EarthCube Liaison Team's inventory of organizations external, but very relevant, to the NSF EarthCube initiative. Explore the tabs according to organizational domain, and text below pictures in each popup is the research domain.

The EarthCube Map of the Landscape is designed show organizations relevant to e-infrastructure and data management. Add your organization's information here.

Information also appears in an editable webmap format that links to the work the EC Funded Project CINERGI has done to identify and connect data sharing opportunities. The purpose of these maps is to assist the EarthCube Liaison Team in its charge to communicate to similar or larger umbrella organizations, standards organizations, professional societies, data facilities, long-term projects, and research infrastructures, and to foster partnerships on a national/international level. 


Proposal for Formalized Collaborations Approved 

The Leadership Council approved the Liaison Team proposal for formalized collaborations on 10 February, 2016. This proposal contains guidelines to foster coordinative actions and cooperation among bodies external to EarthCube. 

The Liaison Team will act as a liaison to cyber-initiatives, collaborations, agencies, associations, and other efforts and programs external to the NSF core constituency of academic geoscientists. This may include national and international activities in other scientific and technical domains, as well as the private sector, the education sector, operational geoscience agencies. This Team will provide a steady implementation strategy for proactive outreach to ensure EarthCube is connected to the right external partners, and to ensure that work undertaken by Standing Committees and Working Groups leverages existing initiatives and avoids duplication. 


  • Establish partnerships, affiliations, and connections to external organizations and initiatives by:
    • Managing and maintaining formal and informal relationships (revisiting formal agreements and Memorandums of Understanding as needed)
    • Facilitating Standing Committee and Working Group engagement and collaboration with external organizations and initiatives
    • Reaching out to potential collaborators
  • Communicate news and developments between external communities and the EarthCube community
  • Recommend ways to leverage external capabilities and efforts

Recommended priority action: Identify and structure the Liaison Program focusing on national, international, and consortia collaboration.