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Marine annually-resolved proxy archives (MARPA), including corals, mollusks, alga, sclerosponges, etc, have become important sources of paleoclimate information, making it increasingly important for the MARPA community to increase accessibility to data and specimens while creating a lasting legacy for future paleoclimate research beyond the careers of individual PIs. We propose a grass-roots program aimed to develop the MARPA community’s cyberinfrastructure, incorporating community-approved standards and tools to be used in archiving metadata for physical materials, geochemical data, and sclerochronological data from proxies measured by the MARPA community. One way to reach these goals is to leverage existing data archival (NOAA NCDC) and data serving systems (IEDA) to improve access, reuse, and facilitate further analyses of paleoclimate data and samples with the goal to advance and empower science, particularly in the paleoclimate domain but also in the wider climate community.

The development of the MARPA cyberinfrastructure must be community driven; this cyberinfrastructure needs to be aligned with community practices and workflows, culture and concerns. Therefore, during this current development stage, we are soliciting feedback from the marine paleoclimate community that creates and uses marine annually resolved proxy records to comment on the working plan and documents that we propose here.