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April 8-10, 2015
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
La Jolla, California

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The Tech Hands Meeting was the first EarthCube workshop to focus on technology coordination between EarthCube projects. There was a particular focus on EarthCube Building Block (BB) and Conceptual Design (CD) projects, and the requirements they address for Research Coordination Networks (RCNs) and other EarthCube science users. This meeting provided an opportunity for:

  • PIs (or their representatives) of funded EarthCube projects to give technical presentations on the resources they are developing, the requirements they fulfill, the standards they are using/extending, and the interfaces/APIs they are providing.
  • Working groups from the Technology and Architecture Committee (TAC) to discuss relevant technical aspects of the funded projects.  
  • Technical discussions, with the goal of identifying opportunities for better technology coordination between projects, exploration of alternate approaches/standards, gaps and synergies, and architecture.
  • Creation of technical executive summary documents for EarthCube-funded projects, all based on a common template.



These are the collected presentations that were delivered at the Tech-Hands Meeting. They represent Funded Project and Working Group updates, as well as updates from some of the Committees and Teams within EarthCube.





Scalable Community Driven Architecture

Council of Data Facilities



Cyber Connector



GEAR (2)

Standards and Standards Bodies

TAC Use Case Working Group

Technology and Architecture Committee

Earth System Bridge

Funded Project Questionnaires





Architecture Working Group

Testbed Working Group


Participant Resources

Workshop Packet
Draft Agenda
Participant List
Meeting Proposal

Workshop Google Drive
Attendee Listserv
Guidelines for Presenters

Presentation Slide Template
Reimbursement Instructions
AZ W-9 and Vendor Authorization Form

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Remote Participation

Streaming links:

Wednesday, 4/8: Sessions 1 & 2 (9:00 to 12:00)
Wednesday, 4/8: Sessions 3 & 4 (1:00 to 5:00)
Thursday, 4/9: Sessions 5 & 6 (8:30 to 12:10)
Thursday, 4/9: Sessions 6 cont. (1:10 to 5:00)

Days 1 and 2 were streamed live via EarthCube's YouTube channel. These videos have since been made available for review.

Organizing Committee

Chair and Point of Contact: 
Scott D. Peckham, University of Colorado at Boulder

Committee Members:
Tim Ahern, UW/IRIS
David K. Arctur, University of Texas at Austin
Ethan Davis, Unidata
Steve Diggs, UCSD/Scripps
Chris Duffy, Penn State
Mostafa Elag, UIUC
Dave Fulker, UCAR
Yolanda Gil, University of Southern California
Emily Law, NASA Jet Propulsion Labs
Chris MacDermaid, NOAA
Chris Mattmann, NASA JPL
Jay Pearlman
Karen Stocks, UCSD/Scripps
Phil Yang, GMU
Ilya Zaslavsky, San Diego Supercomputing Center
Tim Theisen, University of Wisconsin-Madison