Interest groups are the basic structures for the conversations about EarthCube that take place on the EarthCube web platform. These groups allow virtual communities within EarthCube to form around a common scientific or IT field, end-user community, or other area of interest (e.g., data curation, interoperability, semantics, etc.).

Join an EarthCube Group

Group discussions and other resources are publicly accessible, though you must subscribe to a group to post content there. To do this, visit any group’s page and click the subscription link.

Create an EarthCube Group

Any EarthCube community member can start an EarthCube Group. If you would like to create a new group, please consider your group’s goals and what you will do as the leader/curator to help achieve these goals and keep your members active. If you’d like assistance in promoting your group to the EarthCube community at large, please contact Rowena Davis, the EarthCube Office engagement lead.

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