Acknowledging EarthCube and Using EC Logos:

The EarthCube logo should be prominently displayed on posters, presentations, and reports describing work and results from EarthCube funded activities and awards. For information on NSF requirements for acknowledging support, please see AAG, Ch. VI.E.4.  

Logos in different styles and sizes are available free for use in posters, presentations, documents and any other non-commercial application. The files below are provided in .png format; if you need a different format, please contact the EarthCube Office using the link at the bottom of this page.

To save the file directly, right click on the desired file name and click "save as". Alternatively, click on a file name to view the image, and then right-click on the image and click "save as". The logo files are also available permanently via this Document Repository Page.

EarthCube Colors:

  • EarthCube Blue
    • Hex (web safe): #3D618B
    • RGB (for digital display): R61 G97 B139 
    • CMYK (for print): C84% M62% Y25% K6%
  • Accent Orange:
    • Hex (web safe): #E56B20
    • ​RGB (for digital display): R229 G107 B32
    • CMYK (for print): C6% M71% Y100% K1%
  • Highlight Yellow: 
    • ​Hex (web-safe): #FFEDAD
    • RGB (for digital display): R255 G237 B173
    • ​CMYK (for print): C1% M4.35% Y38.25% K0%

EarthCube Font: