Accessing the Odata services behind the Resource Viewer

The reource viewer utilizes a Dataservices Odata endpoint at OData endpoint
This basically exposes ojbects in a table-like manner, where you can run queries in a standard manner using URL's. You can use a application like 'LinqPad' to explore the url
Odata exposes it's metadata at $metadata.
In LinqPad add OData URL as a new "WCF Data Services Connection"
Some Operations
OperationExpression (enter in linqpad)OdataURL
Count of all Resources Resources.Count()$count
Get All domains Domains< div> ATOM(XML) JSON
Get "Generic" Domain Domains.Where (d => d.Name=="Generic")$filter=Name eq 'Generic'
Get ten resources Resources.Take (10)$top=10
Get second ten resources Resources.Skip(10).Take(10)$skip=10&$top=10
Get a Resource Resources.Where (r => r.ResourceId==4)
Get Resources where the primary domain is "Generic" Resources.Where (r => r.PrimaryDomain.Name=="Generic")$filter=PrimaryDomain/Name eq 'Generic'
Get Catalogs for the "Oceanography" Resources.Where (r => r.PrimaryDomain.Name=="Oceanography" && r.ResourceCategory.Code=="CATALOG")$filter=PrimaryDomain/Name eq 'Oceanography' and ResourceCategory/Code eq 'CATALOG'